Friday, June 08, 2007

Green eye monster

Well, hate this. I felt timid after I gave Vicky comment on her blog, asking her to take it easy and that's just nature of mankind. Now, there's the point, I've been comparing, looking down to people, judging with unstandard criteria, thats me. But, basically, I found myself always got the wrong person right.

I guess I am just not so good in evaluating people, I am a real failure in mind reading, too Innocent for that. I always thought I can do better than they are, may be I just have to accept the Truth of the thing is and was.

My language power isn't anything I should be proud of now, furthermore as a translation student I should be ashamed as myself, writing poor English here. Kill me. I am so damn pathetic. What else can I do, better?

Got from a movie, saying something like she do not want to be just ordinary in her life. I mean, so do I. I like to be special, unique, extraordinary. Thats so good to be so. Hence when I figure out that I am actually not, its kind of hard for me to take it. Oh, yeah , I am just an normal woman like every other.