Wednesday, March 21, 2007

FIrst Impression

Well I did always judge people by the face. Opposite sex especially, who here is not intereted with cute looking guy. So it was then happen to pop infront of me another prey, another good looking boy. Name given Hychael in the thearter Blind Date, oh my God the real name is even cuter, Ladies and Gentlement presenting Nato. I know things always in the end turn out to be worst than the first impression leave behind. I always find these cute looking boy after sometimes seems boring or unattractive anymore. Just like what I concluded lately, the nearer I am to the reality or the truth, the more I find it wasn't that good as it was in the very first place.See the true faces is actually so damn cruel killing me. I can't love or to be more precise LIKe somebody for long, at least not now. Syl can't understand the reason why am I keep on preying or eye-ing on those might not be possible mangsa, but let me tell you boy. The satisfaction is not to have him on the palm but the enjoyment of seeing him and kacau-ing him. Believe me Reis did feel the same. Lets say, I mean just for example, Kevin did come to approaches one of us or might want to have crush or something, the feel of liking will immeadiately decrease right down to the bottom line or the ice point.Oh dear, we like our single life so much, at least for the time being we are. SO that nobody can left any memory of odour in the mind for years, so that nobody can break the very fragile heart just by a turning back. Oh, she has belong to some one so GreaT. She is really glad about that.